Lillian Abel: “Over The Edge”

Lillian Abel, Contemporary Abstract Painting, Los Angeles

Lillian Abel, “Over The Edge”, 8x10in, Oil on Panel

Lillian Abel is a Los Angeles artist, who paints in waves of color, resulting in compositions which inhabit a space not quite landscape nor abstracted color field, but somewhere in-between.

These compositions suggest forms that are present and forms that are absent. Layers that hide and reveal. Out of disorder comes order, out of  darkness comes light, out of time to present, from ignorance to enlightenment.

Tyler Ferreira: “Fragmented Narrative #8”

Tyler Ferreira, Lithograph Artist, Altered Space Gallery

Tyler Ferreira, “Fragmented Narrative #8”, Lithograph, 10x14in

“My stories are narratives about narratives.  Through my processes and subject matter I am more concerned with the unknown rather than the creation of a set story or plot.”

Tyler Ferreira creates stone block lithographs, merging the languages of surrealist ideology and street culture.


Signed & Numbered by the Artist

Paper size:  10″ x 14″

Susie Loucks: “Collision”

Susie Loucks, Marine Bird Photography, Altered Space Gallery, Los Angeles

“Collision”, 6×6 Photographic Print

Susie Loucks is a Los Angeles based artist who photographs seagulls, pelicans, and other marina dwelling bird-life with stunning precision and beauty.  The backgrounds in her images are often desaturated–or removed altogether–to emphasize the natural beauty of the subject.  No digital enhancements are made on the bird.

6″ x 6″ digital print on 8.5″ x 11″ acid free photo paper.

Cindy Rinne: “Flowers Near The Shore”

Cindy Rinne, Fabric Painting, Contemporary, Altered Space Gallery

Cindy Rinne, “Flowers Near The Shore”, Fabric/Fiber Painting, 18x21in

Cindy Rinne is a Los Angeles based contemporary artist working with fiber & fabric.

Her works are colorful and tactile, employing collage, poetry, and a touch of whimsy.

Each fiber work is its own journey. Rinne uses found fabrics, vintage buttons and laces so each art work represents community. There are layers revealing destruction, change and beginnings. Thread is drawn free-form like paint on canvas.

Jodi Bonassi: “Time Cuts”

Jodi Bonassi, Fine Art, Altered Space Gallery, Los Angeles

Jodi Bonassi, “Time Cuts”, Oil on Canvas, 24x24in, 2011

Jodi Bonassi is a Log Angeles artist who makes surreal paintings based on real life social spaces.

I record moments with my sketch pad.  Coffee houses and Barber Shops.  People slip into the chairs as if they are letting go of all this stress. It’s hard to text or be on the phone in a barber chair.  Someone nurtures them for a few minutes before throwing them back into the world of global ants. I see patrons talking to the barber who’s this temporary therapist.  I wonder what the barber is really thinking. Everyone’s talking all the time, even if we can’t hear them.

Marta Elise Johansen: “The Road Between Your House and Mine”

Marta Elise Johansen, Fine Art, Altered Space gallery, Los Angeles

Marta Elise Johansen“The Road Between Your House & Mine”

Ink on Paper, 17.5 x 22 inches



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Carla Caruso, Gold Oval Necklace, Altered Space Gallery, Los Angeles

Carla Caruso Necklace, 18K Gold Open Oval & Oxidized Sterling Silver Chain

Cindy Rinne, “Destinations”


cindy rinne, destinations, fabric painting

Cindy Rinne, “Destinations”

Artist: Cindy Rinne



Fiber Painting

Media: Acrylics, beads, charms, vintage lace and buttons, marker, chiffon, tapestry fabric, vintage Japanese kimono silks, and acrylic ink. Machine quilted.

Varying destinations bring new encounters, experiences, and discoveries. 

Cindy Rinne, “Sharing”

Cindy Rinne, "Sharing", Quilt Painting

Cindy Rinne, “Sharing”

Artist: Cindy Rinne



Fiber Painting

Media: Rice paper, marker, hand-embroidery, stamping, burning, beads, organdy, velvet, and vintage Japanese kimono silk. Machine quilted.

I want to share with others what I have learned from when I am away and alone. 

Cindy Rinne, “Stream”


cindy rinne, stream, fabric painting

Cindy Rinne, “Stream”

Artist: Cindy Rinne


House spanning over the rushing stream. Under my feet the land feels unstable; the water pressure pushes against me with unseen hands. I grasp for air and stumble through to the other side. I am refreshed and alive having taken a risk in my mind. 


Fiber Painting

Media: Silk chiffon, velour, Ikat, Yukata, beads, gesso, Jacquard paint, marker, yarn, painting, and drawing. Machine quilted.